Passenger on United flight forced to pee in cup


On a United flight from Houston to Kansas City, a passenger asked the flight attendant to use the bathroom. When the flight attendant pointed out that the seatbelt sign was on, the passenger informed the FA that she had a bladder problem and REALLY needed to go. Still denied, the passenger noted that if not allowed to use the bathroom she would have to go in a cup – and voila! the flight attendant brought over a cup.

This ordeal was documented on Facebook, and follows with notes of being embarrassed by the FA, having to carry the cups to the bathroom, and being told they would have to get a┬áspecial team to clean the seat. As the details unfold (I bet you cant WAIT!) Im thinking of how I probably couldn’t even move around enough in a coach seat to really actually use a cup for that purpose.




Also, lets give a shout out to the United PR folks who have clearly been working double shifts lately.

Note : cup pictured is not actual cup used

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