Delta’s New Terminal at LaGuardia Airport

Delta’s New Terminal at LaGuardia Airport


The Port Authority of NY has given final approval to a lease agreement with Delta for it’s new $4 Billion terminal at LaGuardia Airport.

The Port Authority will pay $600 Million, with the airline responsible for $3.4 Billion plus any cost overruns.

The nearly all-new airport will be closer to the Grand Central Parkway, allowing more room on the airfield. This should result in fewer delays and less congestion. Construction started in summer 2016 on the roadways, parking facilities, and other terminals.

The Central Terminal will also be all new, and feature better connections, direct access to parking, and a link to a hotel. There is also still ongoing debate about how to get public transportation to the airport.

Delta’s terminal will feature 37 gates, 4 concourses with a central check-in / security / baggage area, and more concession space than currently. Also, Delta’s site promises a roof-deck Sky Club, similar to JFK. This terminal replaces the recently-updated-but-still-mostly-crappy terminals C & D. Completion is scheduled for 2026, which we can only hope happens on time.

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