Delta is Partnering with Blade for Helicopter transportation from JFK to Manhattan

Delta Airlines

Blade, the helicopter-ride start-up, is partnering with Delta Airlines at JFK to help customers have a quicker, more comfortable ride into Manhattan.


If you enlist Blade’s services when arriving at JFK, you’ll be met on the Jet Bridge by Delta’s Elite services team who will also get any checked luggage you may have, and escorted to a car, which will drive you a short distance to the Blade pad. The helicopter than whisks you to one of 3 pads / lounges in Manhattan (E34th, E23rd, or W30th). If going the other way (departing out of JFK), the service includes a special expedited TSA security area and someone taking you right to your seat on the plane.

Blade normally charges around $200 for the 8-minute one-way lift, depending on times and availability. Booking with Delta and including the extra services that come with the package adds anywhere from $250 – $1000 to that fee. Over the years, similar services have been offered, but either lacked the promotion, technology, or the correct tie-in with the airlines.


“With Delta, BLADE has found a partner that shares the same customer-centric focus to provide a truly unrivaled travel experience,” said BLADE Founder and CEO Rob Wiesenthal. “The integration of BLADE airport transfers into Delta’s core offerings will enable us to remove much of the friction faced by many frequent travelers: the challenge of quickly transferring between Manhattan and JFK.”

It will be interesting to see how this service enhances the Delta One and Business Class experience at JFK, and how popular this service becomes. Also, it would be great to see this somehow tied in to Delta’s medallion program, or to be able to purchase Blade rides with SkyMiles. Blade also has lounges on Long Island – is this a future potential add-on as well? Download the app and stay tuned!

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